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Chapter 10:What the hell do you want

Update Date: 2019-10-28 06:49:36

What the hell do you want?

The clear sound of footsteps made Qin Guan’s head hurt as he closed his eyes. “What kind of a tempo is this? I’ve only just returned from Rome, and I’ve suffered such a devastating” disaster ”

From the moment Tang Jechen entered the ward, he casually glanced at the ostrich like little woman on the bed, and then shifted his gaze to Luo Tianyi.

“What?” “I’ve just arrived at the Tang clan. Not only are you interested in our Tang clan, you’re also interested in my wife?”

Tang Jie Chen’s attitude toward Luo Tian had never been good. Even Tang Zeyi treated him with respect, especially his cold and distant eyes. This made Tang Jie Chen, who was used to his arrogance, very unhappy.

In the corridor just outside the ward, Tang Zeyi actually said that Luo would take over the Tang Group one day and become the new president.

All these years, Tang Jechen had been managing everything for Tang’s family. Although his position was officially under his father’s, Tang Zeyi, he was the one who decided the basic size of the company. It was just a difference in title.

And now, Tang Zeyi had actually handed over the Tang Group to this bastard who appeared out of nowhere, which made him even more unbalanced. He is the honorable heir to the Tang family and the supreme chief consul of the Tang group.

He decided not to allow Luo Tian to stand above him.

In the face of Tang Jechen’s sarcasm and sarcasm, Luo Tiantian did not react at all. “The man merely pursed his lips, not even bothering to look at his nominal younger brother.”

“Luo Tian, I don’t know what you did to my father to make him hand over the Tang clan to you.” “But don’t forget, my surname is Tang!”

Luo Tian ignored him, causing Tang Jie Chen to become even angrier. Since he was a child, no one had ever dared to treat him like this. Tang Jie Chen closed in on Luo Tian, his eyebrows raised and a warning look in his eyes.


The deep, lazy voice of the man, and the way the two men looked at each other, one angry, the other casual, formed a stark contrast.

Feeling a sense of defeat he had never felt before, Tang Jiexi narrowed his eyes and made a mocking smile, giving another cold warning to Luo Tian.

“Then we’ll see!”

With that, Tang Jechen turned around angrily and strode out of the room. He slammed the door loudly, ignoring the fact that there was another patient in the room.

After Tang Jechen left the room, Luo Tian looked at the swinging door with a meaningful smile.

There was a smell of smoke in the room, and Qin Shen, who was hiding under the covers, kept blinking. This news was really explosive. Tang Zeyi had actually handed over the Tang Group to Luo Tianyi, who had just arrived home.

Qin Guan knew that Tang Zeyi was not a simple man. “Then is it really a remedy for the children who are out there, or is it something else?”

“How long are we going to hide?”

The sudden light made him exclaim in surprise. Luo Tian lifted her blanket, and the little woman curled up on the bed looked up into his smiling eyes.

“Luo Tian, let’s … let’s talk.”

Qin Xuan’s small hands gripped the bedsheet so tightly that the little woman frowned in worry. In the next second, she bravely met Luo Youtian’s gaze, biting her lower lip as if she had made up her mind.


The man raised his eyebrows in curiosity and grunted lazily.

“Can you keep our business in Rome a secret?”

An awkward expression appeared on Qin Guan’s face. She hesitated for a moment before speaking.

“Oh?” “Are you saying you were married for so long or were you a virgin, or were you very enthusiastic that night?”

The man let out a soft laugh, then put a hand on the bed, his handsome face once again drawing closer to Qin Chen.

Qin Xuan took a few steps back. This man was too dangerous. He had a black stomach, and his words left Qin Chen speechless.

“It won’t do you any good to say this. You’re going to inherit the Tang family. Do you want the media to find out that you and your sister-in-law are abroad in Luanlun?”

Qin Zhen didn’t care anymore. He decided to put all the ugly things he had said in advance. She knew that Luo Tian was definitely a smart man and should know what to do.

“Hahaha, Qin Xuan, you are really interesting.”

Qin Guan’s straightforward words caused Luo Tian to laugh. The next second, he reached out and wrapped his arm around Qin Chen’s waist, pulling her into his embrace.

“There’s never been anything that could threaten me.”

Almost word for word, he deliberately emphasized that he didn’t care about the things that Qin Chen had said, and the words seemed to imply that Qin Chen might not let her go.

“What on earth do you want?”

Qin Xuan had truly started to fear this man. Luo Tian’s gaze was too wild and evil. She didn’t even know what the purpose of this young master who had suddenly descended upon the Tang Clan was.

However, Qin Chen could tell that Luo Tian was looking down on everyone in the Tang clan. This shouldn’t be the way he looked at his family.

Qin Xuan didn’t want to involve himself in this war that was supposed to be between the Tang family members. She was worried that this extremely intelligent man would use her.

“Come to this place at night, and I’ll pretend nothing had happened.”

The man slowly took out a piece of paper from his pocket. His handsome face was still smiling in an evil and lazy manner. Only his dark brown eyes hid an unfathomable depth.