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Chapter 8:She is my wife

Update Date: 2019-10-28 06:46:55

The sudden noise silenced the living room downstairs. The scene of Qin Zhong rolling down the stairs was so beautiful that the guests standing around him did not even dare to look at him.

That’s exactly what I said. The scene was too beautiful for me to look at.

The stairs clattered and clattered, and at last she stopped spinning completely. By the time he lay on the floor in the living room, his body was in pain. At this moment, everyone in the Tang Clan was looking at her.

The sound of footsteps suddenly rang out. “Qin Ji hugged his aching body and cursed softly. The little woman lay on the floor. She slowly opened her eyes from the pain. What entered them was a familiar face.”

“Are you all right?”

At some point, Luo Tian had come before Qin Zheng. The man looked down at the woman who was lying on the ground and crying out. The corners of his originally serious face twitched as he tried not to laugh.

The living room was completely silent. No one made a sound. Even Tang Jie Chen, who had been infuriated a moment ago, stood to one side and looked at Qin Chen as if he were watching a play.

What game is this woman playing now?

The next second, Luo Tian did something that shocked everyone.

The man slightly bent down, and a fresh, clean smell of mint wafted from him. He stretched out his arms and, as if picking up a stray kitten, he scooped up the young woman who had fallen to the ground and held her in his arms.

Qin Chen was so shocked that he didn’t know what to do.

This is the Tang Family, and in the living room are Tang Zeyi, Xie Fengyi, her Tang Jie Chen, and all the servants in the Tang Family.” “In front of so many people, Luo Tian had actually picked her up. Yes, picked her up.

Luo Tian easily embraced Qin Guan in his arms. The two of them pressed against each other again, and a familiar warmth and smell lingered around their noses.

Qin Xuan didn’t know if he was scared or drunk. His brain had completely stopped working. His mind was blank. She felt pain all over her body, so she closed her eyes and let the man hug her.

“Get the car ready. She needs to go to the hospital.”

Luo Tian turned around with Qin Chen in his arms. His eagle eyes swept over the stunned people in the room. His deep voice was like a master, making no one dare to disobey him.

Tang Zeyi came back to his senses, waved to the butler and told him to get the car ready.

“Are you all right?”

Tang Zeyi looked worriedly at Qin Chen, who had just fallen down the stairs. He had already forgotten why she had rolled down the stairs.

Qin Chen seemed to be in great pain. His eyes were still tightly shut, and he was letting out a small whimper. However, he was unwilling to open his eyes.

His two small hands grabbed Luo Tian’s clothes as if for help, as if reminding him or hinting at something. “At this time, she must run herself down to the ground and never open her eyes.”

“Get out of my way, I’ll take her to the hospital!”

The corners of Luo Youtian’s mouth curled up in a devilish smile. This woman, she is begging me to help her again.

As he read her thoughts, he could not help but want to laugh.

Since she wanted his help, he was willing to do something personal.” “In the future, we will fight for them together.

Just as the man was striding towards the door with the little girl in his arms, a figure suddenly appeared and blocked his way. Tang Jie Chen, who had been silent all this while, stood in front of Luo Tian. His cold face had a mocking smile, and he was staring coldly at Luo Tian.

“My wife, what do you care so much about?”