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Chapter 6:The New Family, Tang

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TO City, International Airport.

A dark figure appeared in the crowd, tall and straight, with a handsome profile and a high nose that made him look like a three-dimensional figure. The eyes behind the sunglasses were full of curiosity. “As he stood there, the aura of a king assaulted his senses.”

A long black Lincoln was already parked in front of the airport. A group of men in black suits swarmed over and bowed their heads in respect as they approached the man.

“Boss, welcome back.”

The leader stepped forward and made an inviting gesture, his voice clear and loud.

The man’s thin lips slowly curled upwards, revealing a charming yet lazy smile. He slowly took off his sunglasses. His long, narrow eyes were filled with an unfathomable indifference.

Ten years had passed, and he was finally back in this familiar and strange city. “The man strode towards the airport gates, surrounded by the crowd. He looked around lazily, his thin sexy lips curling into a dangerous smile.”

He, Luo, finally came back.

In the Tang clan, the living room was completely silent. Xie Fengyi sat there gracefully, as usual, sipping a cup of beauty tea.

Tang Zeyi was walking back and forth in the living room, clutching his cell phone tightly, as if he was waiting for someone to call him.

It was as if nothing had happened, and everything was quiet again.

After returning home last night, Qin Guan went straight to sleep in the guest room. Tang Jiexi didn’t bother her anymore. On her first night in the Qin family, she slept peacefully. She didn’t really want much, just peace of mind and peace. That was enough.

As she came down the stairs, she was surprised to see the scene in the living room. In the Tang family, she was a good, docile daughter-in-law. Qin Chen constantly reminded himself to play this role.

“Good morning, Father, Mother bama.”

The little woman greeted the two in the living room softly. Xie Fengyi only raised her head slightly and snorted coldly. She had never been satisfied with this daughter-in-law of hers. “Tang Zeyi also appeared to be preoccupied with something. He only nodded deeply at Qin Lie.”

Tang Jiexi, on the other hand, had left early for the company. Did the family look so strange that something was about to happen? Although Qin Chen was curious, she was never a talkative person.

“Chen, make a phone call and ask Jechen to come home.”

Just as Qin Chen was about to slip away in the direction of the dining room, Tang Zeyi suddenly called out to her. The little woman turned around, puzzled, and asked her to call Tang Jiechen?

“Jechen has gone to work. What do you want him to do here?” “That illegitimate child who could not bear to see the light of day has returned, yet he still has to put on such a show!”

Before Qin Chen could say anything, Xie Fengyi rushed to the front with a look of disgust on her face.

What?” Bastard? “You want me to come back?

Qin Chen blinked innocently. Was this news too shocking? It turned out that the Ah Tian Tang Zeyi had spoken of last night was his illegitimate child!

“Shut up!” A’Tian is my son. What illegitimate child doesn’t have an illegitimate child? “You’d better pay attention to your words. Jai Chen is back to greet his big brother. What’s wrong with that?”

Tang Zeyi scolded Xie Fengyi unhappily. It turned out to be Tang Jiechen’s eldest brother. In that case, he was the eldest son of the Tang clan.

In terms of seniority and age, how can it be related to such an unpleasant word as illegitimate children?

Qin Chen’s clear and bright eyes blinked, and a hint of interest appeared on his small face. The relationship between parents and children was really complicated. She never knew that the Tang family had a son, and he was Tang Jiechen’s older brother!

At that moment, Tang Zeyi’s cell phone rang. A look of joy appeared on his face. Then he quickly picked up the phone.

“Good heavens, are you here yet?” “I’ll come out and pick you up right away.”

Tang Zeyi’s face lit up with excitement. After he said this, he put away his phone and waved to the Tang Clan servants. The servants immediately stood in a neat row, respectfully taking their positions in greeting.

“Fengyi, come out with me and pick up A’Tian.”

As Tang Zeyi spoke in a commanding tone, Xie Fengyi unwillingly stood up from the sofa and followed him with a resentful expression.

“Chen, call Jechen and ask him to come back.”

Tang Zeyi turned around and did not forget to tell Qin Chen to stay away from her. The little woman immediately nodded. Her sleepy eyes, which were still somewhat drowsy, instantly became wide awake. A young master of the Tang family appeared out of thin air. What kind of play was this? “But it looks great right now.”

Qin Chen stretched out his hand and slapped his forehead. The slight pain made her realize that she wasn’t dreaming. She didn’t know why, but someone had suddenly appeared in the Tang Clan, making her excited and filled with anticipation.

She then ordered the housekeeper to give him a call, and stood up straight in front of the living room door to greet the new Tang family. The little woman’s beautiful eyes flashed, and her curiosity made her look very cute.

“Tian, you’ve worked so hard outside all these years.”

Tang Zeyi’s voice was laced with relief, and Qin Chen immediately caught everyone’s attention. That person was here!

The group of people walked into the living room in a grandiose manner. Qin Xuan immediately stretched out his hand, tidied up his clothes, and lifted his head.

Her delicate little face immediately broke into a polite smile, making her look so approachable.

“Brother …” “Alright …”

They looked at each other, and it was as shocking as a thunderbolt from a clear sky. Qin Guan’s words of greeting caught in his throat as soon as he saw the man’s face.

When the man named Ah Tian saw the stunned expression on Qin Chen’s stiff face, his lips, thin as a blade, slowly lifted upwards. With his eyebrows raised in pride, he appeared much calmer than Qin Chen, who was shocked.

Heavens!” “How could it be him!