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Chapter 3:Restlessness in summber

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Chapter Three: Hot and restless.

At the airport of T City, the hot summer sun was scorching the land. A beautiful figure slowly walked out from the exit, dragging a suitcase behind her.

“Deep!” “Here!”

A middle-aged woman in a dark flowery qipao stood in the waiting area, waving her hand at the beautiful figure. The middle-aged woman looked very elegant and graceful. She was Qin Chen’s mother, Fang Ninghui.

Although she was already in her forties, she was still very young and had a gentle smile on her face that was very similar to Qin Guan’s.


Qin Chen looked at his mother across the sea of people. “Having not seen each other for four years, the amount of longing and suffering they had was unimaginable. Those feelings of helplessness became more and more sorrowful after a period of time.”

Qin Guan ran as fast as he could, and threw his suitcase to the side. He ran to Fang Ninghui’s side and embraced her. “Tears fell from her eyes, and her voice was choked with sobs.”

“Mom, I’m back.” “Mom.”

Mother and daughter wept in each other’s arms. Four years ago, she had married into the Tang clan for her mother, and had accepted the harsh or excessive conditions that the Tang clan had set for her before she had fulfilled her dream of leaving the country.

For four years, she had no connection with the Qin family. To Qin Xuan, his mother was the most important person. After a thousand days of yearning and worry, they had finally met again.

“As long as you’re back, my darling, you’re finally back.”

Fang Ninghui’s tears were like pearls with their strings cut. She stretched out her hand to wipe them away. Qin Jin choked up for a few moments as he smiled at her with tears all over his face.

At this moment, the rapid ringing of the mobile phone caused Fang Ninghui and Qin Shen to recover from their joy and excitement from their reunion. They wiped away their tears as they took out their cell phones.

Qin Chen subconsciously looked up at his mother as the name flashed on the screen of his cell phone. Fang Ninghui’s gaze also turned to look at her before he regained his composure.

“Now that I’m back, there are some things I have to face.” “Answer the phone first.”

Qin Guan nodded deeply and answered the call. As soon as he did, a deep, gentle voice came over the line.

“Deep down. Dad had an important meeting today and couldn’t pick you up.” “I’ve already asked the driver to pick you up at the airport.”

The person on the other side of the phone was Tang Zeyi, Qin Shizhe’s father-in-law in name and the father of his zhangfu, Tang Jiechen.

“It’s okay. Mom has come to pick me up.” “I can go back by myself.”

Qin Guan cleared his throat deeply. His voice was polite and distant, not at all like he was talking to his” family. ”

“Okay, then I’m relieved.” I’ve already arranged dinner. You and your mother haven’t seen each other in a long time. Let’s get together.

Tang Zeyi’s voice was just as gentle and scholarly as usual.

“Alright, I’ll see you tonight then.”

From start to finish, Qin Chen didn’t address Tang Zeyi as anything. After hanging up, she acted like nothing had happened. She affectionately held her mother’s hand and rubbed it against her chest just like when she was young.

“Mom, let’s go. I have a lot of things I want to say to you.”

Fang Ning glanced dotingly at her daughter. All these years, she knew it wasn’t easy for Qin Guan. She didn’t say anything about the call Tang Zeyi had just made. As long as her daughter was truly happy, she would never ask for anything else in her life.

In the car, Qin Jin and Fang Ninghui sat in the back seat as Qin Chen told her about all the interesting things that had happened in foreign countries over the years. Fang Ninghui looked at her daughter’s smiling face and his eyes turned red.

She knew that it wasn’t Qin Xuan’s intention to marry her into the Tang clan, but now that she was able to learn and return, she finally fulfilled her dream. She had been comforted by Qin Chen’s guilt for a long time.

“Tell me, all these years abroad, have you …”

Fang Ninghui’s beautiful face suddenly darkened. Although she knew she shouldn’t ask this question, she was still a bit worried.

Qin Guan knew what his mother was referring to, and the smile disappeared from her face. He suddenly recalled the time when she and the stranger had overlapped last night. The fiery memories assaulted her, causing her to become flustered.

“What did you say, mother?”

She covered Fang Ninghui’s hand with her hand, and a fleeting, unnatural expression quickly appeared on her face. She then smiled at her mother indifferently.

“Sigh, mother has let you down. If only …”

As soon as Fang Ninghui mentioned the past, his eyes began to tear up again. Before she could finish her sentence, Qin Guan quickly cut her off.

“The past is all in the past, and I’ve chosen to do it myself. I’m having a good time now, and I’ll be fine in the future.”

Qin Chen held Fang Ninghui’s hand tightly, as if he wanted to use her strength to tell his mother that there was no need to worry.

Yes, even if her marriage is out of her control, that doesn’t mean her life is bound to be a tragedy.

She had always believed that when she was strong enough, she would break free from these shackles and give her mother and herself a good life.

In the presidential suite, there were two pairs of white ruo bodies entwined on the red bed.

After a moment of rain, the woman leaned against the man’s chest, her tone accusing and coquettish, pretending to be unhappy.

“I heard that Qin Chen is back?” “Heh heh, it’s been four years but she’s finally back.”

The man on the bed gave a sudden cold laugh, and his big hand fell on the woman’s back, gently stroking her.

“What does someone who isn’t important pay attention to her do?”

The man’s voice was slightly husky after the affair, but it was enough to make one hear the cold disdain in it.

“Jechen, she’s your qizi.”

When the woman heard Tang Jie Chen’s indifference, her mood immediately brightened. She took the initiative to lift the man’s neck, and her tone was clearly cheerful.

“It’s just a puppet, not more than every inch of your skin.”

As soon as the man’s words fell, the corners of his mouth curled up in an evil smile. He rolled over and pressed down on the woman. A moment later, the temperature of the entire room rose again …