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Chapter 2:Infidelity in marriage

Update Date: 2019-10-28 06:44:20

Chapter II. Infidelity in marriage

It was a cold winter in Rome.

After Qin Chen ran out of the cruise ship, a cold wind blew through her thin body. She patted her forehead in chagrin, and her delicate face was full of regret.

Tonight is the last day of her college graduation in Rome.” “My classmate threw a graduation party on the cruise ship, had a party after the break, and then somehow got into bed with a man.

She could barely remember the memory of being drunk, only the momentary pain sobering her. The man called Luo Tian was reflected in her heart like a nightmare.

Qin Chen stood in the cold wind, trying to clear his head. In his mind, he recalled the scene from four years ago when she had come to Rome.

“Deep down, you must always remember your identity when you go abroad to study.”

“Married woman, I think you know everything that needs attention.”

Before she came to Rome, her mother had repeatedly told her that she had been able to continue studying abroad after her marriage, and her mother had helped her a lot. Now, in the middle of the night, her mind was clear and vivid.

He thought about how funny Ben was. Yes, she was married. But the funniest thing was that she, who had been married for four years, had not even seen her husband four times.

They were an unreal couple, a business marriage. She didn’t have any feelings for her so-called zhangfu, not to mention that he hated her so much.

“I will give you nothing but marriage.”

The other half of her marriage certificate, Tang Jiechen, had coldly dropped this sentence on their wedding night. In fact, he did, and he didn’t even bother to touch her except for the marriage certificate and his nominal wife.

She had no impression of Tang Jechen, who was a stranger before their marriage and a stranger after it.

The man hated himself so much that Qin Chen couldn’t understand why he hated himself so much.

For the first time, her first time, in the first ten hours, had been given to a complete stranger.

Betrayed within the marriage!

These three words were like an incantation, causing her head to ache. Oh god, what did you do!?

At the thought of this, Qin Chen’s pretty face became even more upset. She closed her eyes, her high heels stamping on the ground.

Remembering her madness and initiative when she was rolling around on that huge bed with that Luo Tian, she bit her lip so hard that a sweet taste overcame her.

How could she, a married woman, do such a thing when she was drunk?” At this moment, she couldn’t help but recall her previous love affair with Luo Feng in the middle of the night in a shameful manner.

The approach of the strong male hormones, the warm breath, the deep kiss, the pain and joy that poured into the depths. It was like a blurred net that was now enveloping her mind, tearing and burning.

If he hadn’t been catalyzed by the alcohol, Qin Chen would never have known that he would have done such a crazy thing!

Her studies in Rome are over. She’s coming home tomorrow.” “Is such deep affection the gift of God for her graduation?

If the Tang family finds out about this, the consequences would be dire.” Thinking of this, Qin Zhen felt a lingering fear. Fortunately, all of this happened in this foreign land that had nothing to do with the Tang clan.

She had been lost in her thoughts when she suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of relief. “If the Tang Clan knew that she had cheated during her marriage, then the entire Qin Clan would be in trouble.”

Qin Guan gritted his teeth and took a deep breath as he thought of his mother’s reddened eyes. “It had already happened, she would be returning home tomorrow. This kind of affair was like a dream to her. She would pretend that nothing had happened for the sake of her mother.”

The night was still, and the sound of the water splashing against the deck was clear. “In the cold wind, Qin Chen’s flustered state of mind was finally stabilized. She would never let anyone else know about this …”