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Chapter 1:lost in the scene

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In the black of Rome, the white of a luxury cruise was full of noise and song.

In a beautiful, luxurious room on the ship, the water in the bathroom was so thick that it blurred the figure on the glass partition. The sound of water splashing in the water was very distinct and ambiguous in such a quiet night.

The man leaning on the headboard was half naked, a cigarette between his long fingers. “The man’s skin was the color of wheat, giving off a healthy sheen, and his strong, lean body was without a trace of fat. He looked so perfect.”

He narrowed his eyes slightly. His hawk-like eyes were exuding a devilish laziness. His carving-like face was charming and charming. His thin sexy lips curled up in a sneer. His fiery eyes stared straight at the woman with the transparent bath Shi Li that was only separated by glass.

When the door opened, the woman was wearing a white bathrobe. Her long black hair was still dripping wet. She held a white towel in her hand as she walked towards the bed, wiping her hair.

The scent of the hormone in the air suddenly grew stronger. The woman wiped her hair, her pale face flushed from the shower, and looked like a blooming flower.

“Awake?” “Hm?”

The strong, handsome man who had been lying on the bed suddenly came to her side, put his arms around her from behind, and leaned his thin lips against her ear. The sexy undertone of his voice made the woman shrink her head, and he deliberately blew hot air into her ear.

The little woman’s face grew even redder at this man’s wicked teasing. She still smelled faintly of alcohol. If she hadn’t had a broken drink tonight, she wouldn’t have rolled the sheets with this man.

It was already the second half of the night, and the two of them had just taken a shower and were already half awake. At least her mind was clear.

“Please let me go, it’s time for me to go.”

The little woman was wide awake now, her body still aching under her bathrobe, her head in chaos. On the night of her graduation, she had such an affair with a strange man in a foreign land.

“My name is Luo Tian.”

The man didn’t leave her in an estranged tone. Instead, he leaned in closer and placed his voice behind her ear. His voice was deep and full of magnetism, and his handsome face had a charming and charming smile.

“Sir, you don’t have to say your name. Everyone just needs to ask for it.”

The little woman turned around beautifully, her long, wet hair sticking to the man’s muscular chest in an instant. The ends of her hair brushed against his skin, leaving a cool wetness.

“I’m very satisfied with your performance tonight. Will you make an appointment next time?”

The man called Luo Youtian raised his eyebrows slightly. The smile on his handsome face was too dazzling, and it made the woman, who seemed to be intentionally estranged from him, realize something.

“Sorry, I’m leaving.”

The woman took off her bathrobe in front of the man and quickly put on the clothes that had been scattered on the floor. “When she was dressed, she picked up her bag in a panic. Her small hand trembled, and the bag fell to the ground, scattering its contents all over the floor.”

The woman’s brow furrowed, and she tucked her long hair behind her ears. Then she crouched down to pick up the things on the ground. “Luo Tian’s thin lips curled up in interest once more.”

The man took one of the passports that had fallen in the corner. “The man flipped his slender fingers and opened the passport. The smile on his face couldn’t help but deepen.”

“Qin Jin?”

“Give it back to me!”

As he read the name on the passport, the little woman on the floor stood up and quickly snatched the passport from his hands. Her beautiful eyes glared angrily at the rude man in front of her.

Luo Tian then pulled her into his embrace. A familiar fragrance lingered in his nose, and the little woman’s warm breath started to quicken. The madness of the first half of the night suddenly came back to mind.

“Do you want to kiss me goodbye?”

Although Luo Tian’s words were a question, it was clear that it was a statement. “As soon as the man’s words fell, his thin lips sealed off Qin Chen’s deep breath.”

After a warm kiss, they turned the tables and made love to each other.

Luo Tian gave her no chance to resist. When the kiss was over, Qin Shen’s legs began to weaken.She stared at the man with some anger. He was too dangerous, and in the next moment she ignored the man’s devilish, devilish gaze and rushed out the door, ignoring the makeup that had been spilled on the floor.

With the sound of the door closing, only Luo Tian was left in the room.

The man’s eyes slowly fell on the crimson patch on the sheet, and the smile on his face grew more and more profound.

Having been in this country for so many years, was it a blessing to meet such a woman last night when he was invited to a party, and to meet such a young man when he was in love with her?

This woman was unforgettable to him. He felt as if he hadn’t had enough of her yet …